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The Return: Until's Book of the Week

You know "Until's Book of the Week" as a radio segment  but did you know that it was a column in the California Crusader Newspaper? "Until's Book of the Week" has been around for more than three (3) years and though its had its trials, amazingly it's still here.

History:  Until's Book of the Week's inception happened in late 2010 and from there until now with just a few hiccups, became a radio segment on more than a few radio shows. It started with Sunset and Gumbo, moved to Until & Harmony Live and ended with OMG Radio show. Later in 2011 is where Until received the opportunity to have a column which took place more than two years ago. However, for the first four months in the paper it was known as "The Book of the Week" and mistakenly thought of as a Book review. 

But later do to people's interest and the response of people realizing it was Until from the radio segment and that was her column, she then asked to have the column's name changed to match her radio segment. After the change, sparked her brand. Though the beginning successful rise of Until's Book of the Week column and radio segment, it took a hiatus in the year of 2013 do to un-forseen circumstances.
But a couple years later
Now, Until's Book of the Week has returned and you can once again find it at its root. 

Until's Book of the Week can be heard on the radio show Lady Talk 101 every Tuesday night at 8:20 p.m. on KLIQ radio station and once again in the place that solidified the brand to begin with, the California Crusader Newspaper weekly better known as CCN.  

So if you would like to have your book featured, find out what book is in the lime light or you're just interested in sponsorship opportunities, please contact Until at Please see below for more links:

Calcruse News:
Instagram: @untilsbow

This is Until saying: "It's okay to take a break. Sometimes you need to breathe and regroup to come back even greater." ~Until


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If you or someone you know would like to have their book featured on "Until's Book of the Week" radio segment or are interested in sponsorship opportunities; please contact Until at for her packages. Please keep checking this blog for more updates of "Until's Book of the Week". 

Remember: "There was a time you were not allowed to read. So, appreciate it." ~Until...