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UBOW: Shout out to our sponsor

Until's Book of the Week has been brought to you by Wolfgang Productions for the Set In The West Documentary Film. Once you learn the Genesis of Los Angeles Hip Hop you won't be the same. Your views won't be the same. Are you a fan of Hip Hop? Find out its true foundation. If you would like to learn more information please visit the Facebook page at

This is Until saying: Reading is a privilege. Not everyone has the honor. ~Until...


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UBOW: Return

Until's Book of the Weekis a one, close to (2) minute radio
segment and newspaper column that is highly respected and has been called interesting and illuminating by many. Until's Book of the Week is not a review, it is merely a platform that was created by me, Quanda R. Graves known as Author & Poet Until to give light to wonderful authors; new, independent and established. 
I share books that I find enlightening,helpful, informative, inspirational, fun, joyously entertaining, vital, surprising and much more. 

Until's Book of the Week also includes random trivia questions that come with prizes to excite and encourage readers, writers, listeners and others to participate, learn, and always have something to look forward to and share with others.
Until's Book of the Week provides a warm, diverting and intelligent approach to informing audiences of books they may have never encountered otherwise. 

Currently Until's Book of the Week (UBOW) is on hiatus and will return…

Until from UBOW will be featured . . .

UBOW: More Than Pretty

More Than Pretty by Erica Campbell @imericacampbell

We are starting off the New Year right with a wonderful beginning. With a wonderful new you.

In this book she shares with you on how to make sure that you're not just beautiful cosmetically, but soulfully.  What better message to ingest in what is becoming such a shallow world. You can get this book at @amazon for about $13.34 hardcover. Other formats are available.

This is Until with Until's Book Of The Week, saying, I'm "More Than Pretty."
Are you? 😉

Remember to catch Until's Book Of The Book on QS Simple Treasures Podcast on Season 1is up and Season 2 will be back late this January. #2020
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