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UBOW: A Passion for Coffee

Hello to all of my LadyTalk 101 Listeners/UBOW and CCN Readers:

You know what time it is. It' s time for Until's Book of the Week. Last week I shared with you Nine (9) Fruits of the Spirit by Robert Strand.

This next book is about a universal drink that is strong, black and known as an energizer. What am I talking about? Coffee. In honor of the this delicious liquid and one of my favorite drinks to partake in, tonight's book is called "A Passion for Coffee" by Hattie Ellis with photography by debi treloar.

This book is truly informative about the global drink; Hattie spells it out for you and takes you on a journey of coffee so that you can become one with it. She shares what coffee is, it's origins, the coffee trade, famous drinkers, the beans, roasts and more. If you're interested on learning more about the drink that wakes you up go to or to purchase the book go to for $5.83.

This segment has been brought to you by Until's Coffee Notes and Quotes and you can go to their Facebook page at Until's Coffee Notes and Quotes purchase your shirt with some of my Favorite quotes about coffee, tea and more.

I want to say a Congratulations to Nesha the Hair Diva who WON our Until's Book of the Week Riddle Me trivia. The question was  what's strong, black and known as the energizer. Nesha answered, Coffee. Correct answer!!!! Woohoo!!! Don't forget to inbox me with the book of your choice on me.

You're listening to Lady Talk 101 so I Know you're having fun!

Remember in honor of tonight's show. My quote is if you or someone you know is dealing with metal health issues never be ashamed to get help. It will save you and many loved ones in the long run.

Prayers to everyone in Cleveland who was killed and Steve Stephens who didn't get the help he needed so that no one could endure this tragedy. Goodnight.

"Until's Book of the Week was featured on Lady Talk 101 on at 8:20pm on April 18th of 2017." If you missed the show you may find a recap here:

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