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UBOW: Small Doses

Amanda Seales . We've come to know her as hilariously courageous, sweet with a no non-sense attitude. A very strong personality, with an intellect that will cut you deep. She still comes off as your friend in your head home girl. So let's speak about  her new book called "Small Doses" .  Small Doses is a non wrapped gift because she gives it to you straight with no chaser. But that's not to say she isn't considerate as to how you maybe affected, this is why she gives you what you need to know in "Small Doses" . Deliciously sassy when she visits Hip Hop, Fashion and Hair. But  intellectually pungent when it comes to Culture, our History, Shades of Our Sista's and more. Comfortably funny when sharing things we all have in common.   Amanda is blunt with sharp pieces of some of her own experiences she slides in to get her point clear across on whatever subject she's speaking on. If you have a way that you feel about her we suggest you
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UBOW: My Life On A Plate

Kelis in her latest book "My Life On A Plate" is every bit of what we know her to be, through music, and fashion.  My Life On A Plate arouses your taste buds and inspires you to rise to the occasion by trying to tap into your inner chef. Kelis has honed her skills in combining unimaginable flavors, creating bold colors and blending it all for an amazing, rustic, beautiful presentation of food.  You can get this book from @amazon hardcover for about $7.20. This is Until with Until's Book Of The Week saying, try a new recipe and put your life on a plate. Kelis did. Check out @untilsbow on Instagram and on QS Simple Treasures Podcast at #kelis #mylifeonaplate  #untilsbookoftheweek #untilsbow #qssimpletreasurespodcast #untilnomore #quandargraves #authorandpoetuntil #untilscoffeenotesandquotes

UBOW: More Than Pretty

More Than Pretty by Erica Campbell @imericacampbell We are starting off the New Year right with a wonderful beginning. With a wonderful new you. In this book she shares with you on how to make sure that you're not just beautiful cosmetically, but soulfully.  What better message to ingest in what is becoming such a shallow world. You can get this book at @amazon for about $13.34 hardcover. Other formats are available. This is Until with Until's Book Of The Week, saying, I'm "More Than Pretty." Are you? 😉 Remember to catch Until's Book Of The Book on QS Simple Treasures Podcast on Season 1is up and Season 2 will be back late this January. #2020 #untilsbookoftheweek #untilsbow #morethanpretty #ericacampbell #quandargraves#authorandpoetuntil #authors #qssimpletreasurespodcast

UBOW: Blend

BLEND by Mashonda Tifrere @mashondatifrere  Seriously, where was this book when my husband and I got together 21 years ago. In this book "BLEND" Mashonda is honest, transparent and true. She understands something so profoundly that many of us forget in a situation like this. . . It's all about the children. Let's be clear, things aren't always easy but that doesn't mean you have to give in, give up, or show out. But what it does mean, is for you to put your grown woman underwear on, roll up your sleeves to see what you gotta do, how to do, understand why you do and do it. In this book.  Mashonda took her time to process the situation, took her time to heal, get help on how and nurtured herself through the process and understood that though in pain, it was not about her, it was about her child and how she could make life an easy transition for him in regard to her divorce, the other woman becoming a permanent staple in his other side of life and more.

UBOW: Return

Until's Book of the Week   is a one, close to (2) minute radio segment and newspaper column that is highly respected and has been called interesting and illuminating by many.  Un til's Book of the Week  is not a review, it is merely a platform that was created by me,  Quanda R. Graves  known as Author & Poet  Until  to give light to wonderful authors; new, independent and established.  I share books that I find enlightening,helpful, informative, inspirational, fun, joyously entertaining, vital, surprising and much more.  Until's Book of the Wee k also includes random trivia questions that come with prizes to excite and encourage readers, writers, listeners and others to participate, learn, and always have something to look forward to and share with others. Until's Book of the Week  provides a warm, diverting and intelligent approach to informing audiences of books they may have never encountered otherwise.  Currently  Until's Book of the Week

UBOW: Culture Vultures

Inspiring. Motivating. Enlightening. Frustratingly condescending. Aggressive and truth-spilling but audaciously candid. If I'm being honest, his mind is intriguing, filled with usable information, incredible game, if you are detail oriented and smart enough to take what he gives. Dame Dash is harsh in pushing you to get up off your tale to find what you're good at and make it work for you so you no longer have to work for someone else. Dame, as we've grown to know him as this loud, at times obnoxious dude, with a swanky attitude who often time shares with us his rancorous rants that leaves us sometimes searching and wondering through it all, had great massive points, amazing advice and business modules to back up who he is in this book. One thing is clear, you can't take that man's hustle away. I mean, even the book has ad's for his businesses in them. While I've seen that before by Yolanda Bozant, it just shows that business is always on his mind. In

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