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UBOW: Shame Proof Parenting

Hey Yall!!! It's Until........  You know, with Until's Book of the Week. This is a "Special Editon" because it's about helping our parents feel better about parenting. This book is called "Shame Proof Parenting" by parenting coach Mercedes Samudio. How do you know you're getting the parenting thing right? You're questioning yourself because your preschooler is throwing tantrums, your tween receives a crushing text message from her friend or your teenager starts to act out in rebellion. What do you do? You worry your reaction is just going to make everything worse, drive a wedge between you and your child. And to add insult to injury your mother will call and say, "I told you so". You're finding that typical parenting advice doesn't help, either. You find that your child's behavior is still a problem, while you're sinking in self-doubt. Well, you're not alone. " Shame Proof Parenting" is

UBOW: The Recap Thus Far

H ey everyone listening to Lady Talk 101, it's Until and It's time for Until's Book of the Week! "Until's Book of the Week" will be a recap of the books I've shared thus far. The first was to give you a teaser of what is to come this summer from the "soon to be released list" which was Babies, Breastfeeding and Board Rooms by Kandi Burrus Tucker and Yandy Smith.  Teaching moms with blossoming careers  how to balance. Next was all about the 9 Fruits of the Spirit by Robert Hand, giving you the fruits of life and a better connection to God. Following was A Passion for Coffee by chef Hattie Ellis teaching you about the liquid that helps keep the world running and the taste buds it blesses. Last but not all least it was the One Minute Counselor for Men by H. Norman Wright. Helping  and teaching men with things they may be not quite fond of dealing with or know how to. So there you have it and there is more to come.  Now for Unt

UBOW: The One Minute Counselor for Men

W hat's up love's? It's Until, and it's time for "Until's Book of the Week ." Last week was A Passion for Coffee. This week is dedicated to our men, yes that's right our beautiful married men.  Last year I went on a Dream Trip with Ms. Harmony to Arizona and on the way there we stopped to get gas  and we both came across this book called  "The One- Minute Counselor for Men" practical help for avoiding temptation  improving communication, and loving your wife. by H. Norman Wright.  This book is 5x7 in size, a minute per subject easy read and the cost  was $5.99. This book simply covers subjects such as Anger, Aging, Connecting, Cherishing, Cheating, spiritual apathy and more; a nd of course his source comes mostly from the bible. I've skimmed through and to be honest I think this book is a great start for married men to begin acknowledging the things that they need help with, as we all do.To learn more about The One-Minute Cou