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UBOW: Small Doses

Amanda Seales . We've come to know her as hilariously courageous, sweet with a no non-sense attitude. A very strong personality, with an intellect that will cut you deep. She still comes off as your friend in your head home girl. So let's speak about  her new book called "Small Doses" .  Small Doses is a non wrapped gift because she gives it to you straight with no chaser. But that's not to say she isn't considerate as to how you maybe affected, this is why she gives you what you need to know in "Small Doses" . Deliciously sassy when she visits Hip Hop, Fashion and Hair. But  intellectually pungent when it comes to Culture, our History, Shades of Our Sista's and more. Comfortably funny when sharing things we all have in common.   Amanda is blunt with sharp pieces of some of her own experiences she slides in to get her point clear across on whatever subject she's speaking on. If you have a way that you feel about her we suggest you