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UBOW: Until It's Gone: Dreams...

Our sponsor QS Simple Treasures Greetings and Collections has commissioned Author and Poet Until to write about their first newly launched product called Dreams "Are Meant to be Lived" Oolong Tea and they posted it today; so we thought you'd like to read the work of the founder of "Until's Book of the Week Advertising" better known as UBOW.  Enjoy! UBOW Staff I have aromatic wishes Fragrant dreams of  desire My favorite flavors intertwined Speak to my soul to become  inspired When I open the box of my Dreams "Are Meant to be Lived" Oolong Tea I let the smell escape to run  free Within my  home It invokes happiness Spark ambition As the essence of relaxation  Continuously  roam While I sip and enjoy the texture and the taste of such a perfect  blend The infusion of; Strawberries, peppermint and who would've thought Jasmine Reeks in my senses Reeks relentless and leaves me 

UBOW: Working for You Isn't Working for Me

Hey everyone! It's been a minute because I've been on hiatus. The show, has been on hiatus too, and I've currently been working on other things; which you will see manifest shortly. So, I have just recently started a new job and I'm close to ten (10) months in and it has been a true roller coaster ride. I have learned that while you can be talented, smart and obtain a wealth of information as well as very resourceful, that doesn't necessarily mean that you're fit to lead or train. I also learned that everyone has a different way of communicating (or can't) at all. I will admit that the encounters on this job though I have met before, it hasn't, however been met in this way. This is the first job that I've met people who are very warn, tired and now in coasting mode along with many stresses that affect their everyday, and because of that, the office isn't what it should be. I can say that I'm blessed because out of all of the jobs I've h