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Remember: "There was a time you were not allowed to read. So, appreciate it." ~Until...


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UBOW: Wisdom Nuggets

Hey UBOW Readers!  You know it's Until with your book of the week. I believe every now and again, you need to be motivated. You could use a pick me up. A constant reiteration of what you already know but you've gone too far in the many situations of life to remember just all that you've acquired. So, those light bulb tidbits, reigniting sparks are just what you need to get you back on track. We can all use that help, and that's what Wisdom Nuggets did for me. Wisdom Nuggets by Charlene E. Green rejuvenated my mind to return back to its original way of thinking. It is no secret that life can weigh you down and obviously Charlene , knows about this first hand to make it her mission to inspire you with what you need to remember, what you need to learn, provide you to think differently, better yet change your approach to life. Reinvention.  Charlene shares "Wisdom Nuggets" about self love and relationships, goals, dreams and faith. In this golden glo

UBOW: Small Doses

Amanda Seales . We've come to know her as hilariously courageous, sweet with a no non-sense attitude. A very strong personality, with an intellect that will cut you deep. She still comes off as your friend in your head home girl. So let's speak about  her new book called "Small Doses" .  Small Doses is a non wrapped gift because she gives it to you straight with no chaser. But that's not to say she isn't considerate as to how you maybe affected, this is why she gives you what you need to know in "Small Doses" . Deliciously sassy when she visits Hip Hop, Fashion and Hair. But  intellectually pungent when it comes to Culture, our History, Shades of Our Sista's and more. Comfortably funny when sharing things we all have in common.   Amanda is blunt with sharp pieces of some of her own experiences she slides in to get her point clear across on whatever subject she's speaking on. If you have a way that you feel about her we suggest you

UBOW: Shout out to our sponsor

Until's Book of the Week has been brought to you by Wolfgang Productions for the Set In The West Documentary Film. Once you learn the Genesis of Los Angeles Hip Hop you won't be the same. Your views won't be the same. Are you a fan of Hip Hop? Find out its true foundation. If you would like to learn more information please visit the Facebook page at . This is Until saying: Reading is a privilege. Not everyone has the honor. ~Until...