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UBOW: Nine (9) Fruits of the Spirit

What's up yall??!!! Until here, sharing with you Until's Book of the Week.
Last week I shared with you a book off of the "Soon to be released list"
which was Babies, Breastfeeding and Boardrooms by Kandi Burruss Tucker
and Yandy Smith. This week I'm sharing a series that has everything to do with the world today and the things that we don't get enough of or do enough of
as individuals. 

The series is called "Nine Fruits of the Spirit" by Robert Strand. For those who are not familiar with the 9 fruits of the spirit they are: Love, Joy, Peace, Long suffering, kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, gentleness and self-controlGalatians 5:22-23

This series is sold individually, they are small in size, easy to read and you can purchase them on or at the dollar store. I do own the set, they also make perfect gifts. This is a great set to have if you're seeking to be better, have a deeper and more spiritual understanding of God's spirit and enhancing yourself in that way.

This segment has been brought to you buy Shelby Apparel all things crocheted. Where style is met and trends are set. To find out more about Shelby Apparel please go to her website at

You're listening to Lady Talk 101 so I know you're having fun.

This is Until saying "There is always room for enhancement, so why wouldn't you want to be a better you and blossom great fruit?" I know I want to. ~Until

Please know my prayers are with all in the San Bernardino situation. Good night

***This segment was featured on Lady Talk 101 on April 11th of 2017 at 8:20pm

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